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Supported living

Since 2014 we have supported people to live independently, either in their own or a family member's home (as part of a planned transition to independent living). This may be just a few hours of support per day, or continuous support 24/7 by one or more members of staff at a time.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of care & support and passionately believe that our customers deserve the right to a fulfilled 'ordinary' life.

Some people use the term “service user” or “client”, we prefer to use the term “customer”, as this helps us remember that we are paid to provide a service to an individual and they have choice and control.

We feel that it is crucial that someone’s support provision is separate to their accommodation provision. We are not a housing provider, we are purely a support provider, however we can help you to source accommodation either through privately rented accommodation, shared ownership or other solutions. All of the people we currently support live individually, as we feel that people should not be forced to co-habit, based purely on shared diagnosis.

Customer profiles :

  • A person with a learning disability.
  • A person with an Autistic Spectrum Condition.
  • Someone who has been either currently or historically labelled as having “challenging behaviour”*.
  • Child-Adult Transition.
  • Acquired/traumatic brain injury.
  • Degenerative conditions such as dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, to support people with the transition into living with their condition.
  • People who have been disabled through long-term inappropriate institutional care.
  • People with enduring mental ill health.
  • People with “newly acquired” impairment/disability.
  • Most of the people we support have more than one of these diagnoses.

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