Extraordinary people, ordinary lives

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We are a leading provider of services to the health and social care sector based in East Devon.

We excel in making positive change possible. Whether that is through providing personalised support in the form of consultancy to enable your organisation to develop, or training for staff, or direct support for you or your family member to plan their lives and then make those plans come to life, we keep your needs and aspirations at the centre of our work, offering person centred and affordable solutions which work for you.

Our network of hand-picked, well trained and supported trainers, consultants and support staff will develop close relationships with you and work tirelessly to ensure that you evolve positively. Evolve is a not-for-profit organisation which has been built to meet the demands of people within our communities.

Our Philosophy

We believe in ordinary lives for extraordinary people. Our organisation’s leaders have experienced the changes in society which have impacted on vulnerable people and we strive to ensure that, whatever your needs are, you will lead a safe and fulfilled ordinary life. We invest in people and their communities to encourage learning, promote new opportunities and embed good practice. All we meet are treated with understanding, respect, tolerance and care.