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Planning your life

We have experienced and skilled INDEPENDENT facilitators who can help you, or your family member to plan your life. This can be done in lots of ways.

Person Centred Planning, sometimes called PCP, is about creating a plan about your life which has you at the centre. It is owned by you and composed with your communication needs at heart. It can be done using words, pictures, objects, photographs, film, paper, computers, or whatever format makes sense to you. Family members, friends and professional are involved in the plan in a way which keeps you at the centre. Person Centred Planning results in ongoing listening (not just to the words you say, but to all your forms of communication) to identify who you are, what your life story is, what makes you tick, what your dreams, and aspirations are, and translating those into positive and possible goals. Person Centred Planning is about LIFE, not just about services.

Service Design is about looking at what works and doesn’t work for you, and putting that information into the context of designing a service which works for you. This helps to avoid processes and systems whereby you are placed into services which do not work for you.

Working Policies define how your service is to be delivered on a day to day basis. They are detailed and person centred and are particularly successful in enabling consistency in the way you are supported.

Independent Support Planning will help your support to be designed in a person centred way, making the most effective use of the budget, and other resources you have available to you.

We can independently facilitate each of these for you, or we can either train or mentor someone in your life (i.e. a paid worker, advocate or family member, or you yourself to facilitate these on your behalf.

To discuss which of these options, or which combination of these might be suitable for you, please call Kathi Connick on 07809 624830 or alternatively you can contact us by email here.