Extraordinary people, ordinary lives

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Living with support

We can support you to live independently, with support in your own home. This may be just a few hours of support per day, or continuous support 24/7 by one or more members of staff at a time.

We only aspire to work for 10 customers as this will enable us to maintain our commitment to person centred approaches. You as a customer will experience your service being built around and for you and adapted to meet your changing needs and preferences.

Through using Evolve you will:

  • Choose and live in your own home (and whilst Evolve are not a housing provider, we can support you to find and maintain tenancies or ownership).
  • Choose who you live with, or choose to live alone.
  • Choose how to live.
  • Choose who comes into your home and your life.
  • Design job descriptions and person specifications for your team and team co-ordinator based on your individual needs and preferences.
  • Be at the centre of recruiting your own staff team, regardless of whether or not you can read application forms or directly interview potential candidates.
  • Access your community with the right type of and level of support.
  • Build and maintain friendships and relationships.
  • Make use of and contribute to social capital.
  • Be supported to develop new strategies and build on existing positive strategies which will enable you to better understand and make sense of your world and achieve true citizenship.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of care & support and passionately believe that our extraordinary people deserve the right to a fulfilled 'ordinary' life.

We do not want to limit your opportunity to access our services based purely on diagnosis or any type of banding criteria. Our approach is likely to be experienced positively by many people, and very often people will choose Evolve where they have not felt a good fit into other services.

Some people use the term “service user” or “client”, we prefer to use the term “customer”, as this helps us remember that we are paid to provide a service to an individual and they have choice and control.

Customer profiles:

  • A person with a learning disability.
  • A person with an Autistic Spectrum Condition.
  • Someone who has been either currently or historically labelled as having “challenging behaviour”*.
  • Child-Adult Transition.
  • Acquired/traumatic brain injury.
  • Degenerative conditions such as dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, to support people with the transition into living with their condition.
  • People who have been disabled through long-term inappropriate institutional care.
  • People will enduring mental ill health.
  • People with “newly acquired” impairment/disability.

We have particular expertise in working with people who may have traditionally been given the label “challenging behaviour”. All of our staff embrace positive behavioural support and are trained around your needs.

We strongly believe that behaviours are the way in which people communicate their feelings, intentions, choices, emotions and fears, whether they have use of verbal language or not. All behaviour is communication and should be valued as such, not seen as a symptom which needs treatment or cure.

If you wish to find out more about the services we provide and understand how we really do make a difference.

For more information please call Kathi Connick on 07809 624830 or alternatively you can contact us by email here.