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We are currently recruiting a number of Support roles, to work for our wonderful customers around the Exeter area. The job description is below, if you feel you have what it takes to be part of our team, please contact us for further information

JOB DESCRIPTION - Support Worker

This job description is a generic description of the core role and duties of a support worker. The application process will allow you to tell us more about yourself and we will then be able to work with the customer and yourself and hopefully to match you to a customer. Every customer will have a separate service design and working policy and from this a personalised job description will be developed which, when added to this core job description will give a more detailed description of the role of supporting the customer.


Accountable: ultimately to the customer.

Also accountable to (on behalf of the customer) the Team Co-ordinator, Services Manager & Directors


  • To work as a member of a small, exclusive support team for our customer
  • To provide support to our customer to live in their own home and community and to have a lifestyle that they choose
  • To help our customer with the choices they need to make in their life on a day to day basis by using a balanced approach which emphasises advice and encouragement rather than making decisions on our customer’s behalf
  • To help our customer stay safe and well
  • To work with our customer to help them to cope with their feelings and relationships, assist them in managing the practicalities of daily living and to access other paid for and free support systems in the community
  • To support our customer in realising the goals set out in their person centred plan and to be central to the planning process
  • To help our customer with all areas of budgeting and in maintaining their household and ensuring that their financial obligations are met
  • To recognise and respect at all times that you are a guest in our customer’s home, and encourage that recognition in others
  • To treat our customer, at all times, as an adult and a unique individual, recognising their rights to make choices and their rights to dignity, individuality, sexual preference, love, friendship and respect and to support our customer in the responsibilities that accompany these rights


To be a full member of a team employed to support our customer.
To facilitate good quality services for the our customer by contributing to creative service design and person centred approaches to ensure that our customer life moves in the direction they choose. The team must ensure that service is as invisible as possible within our customer life.
  • To help our customer monitor their mental and physical health and encourage them to take appropriate action to safeguard and maintain their health, including the involvement of professionals (doctors etc.) as appropriate
  • To help our customer develop and maintain their relationships with their community, friends and family by providing encouragement, guidance and organisational support where needed
  • To help our customer organise and develop new work and recreational activities; to try new experiences, meet new people and broaden their hobbies and interests
  • To work with our customer to develop their existing skills and to learn new skills
  • To communicate respectfully and appropriately with the other members of our customer’s team with our customer’s interests uppermost in mind
  • To continually seek to utilise natural support for our customer.
  • To continually seek ways to ensure that our customer retains and enhances their control over their own life
  • To at all times communicate respectfully and appropriately to, with and about our customer

Specific support work may include:

Assisting our customer to:-

  • Be a successful householder, home-owner or tenant
  • Maximise income through benefits
  • Assist in claiming, receiving and using benefits
  • Budgeting and paying bills, saving etc
  • Assisting in access to welfare rights
  • Purchasing items for their home
  • Domestic support, such as shopping and cooking
  • Support in meeting our customer’s personal care needs
  • Plan for our customer’s future and problem solve creatively
  • Make new friends and socialise
To implement the organisations Equal Opportunities Policy
To implement our customer’s individual service design and working policy